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Beatismurder 7" Pack SOLD OUT

Image of Beatismurder 7" Pack SOLD OUT

9.00 - On Sale

the child p./abe vigoda split 7" is sold out.
if you order anyway, i will add one of the CDs of Beatismurder's roster to the pack instead.
if you want to choose the CD, please add your wish in the paypal order.

All Beatismurder 7" Records in one megapack!1!


- Liger: "Smapples EP" - more info

- Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) / David Horvitz: "Untitled Picture Disc" - more info

- Liger: "Unknown Pressures" coloured Vinyl - more info

- Abe Vigoda / Child Pornography: split 7" (coloured Vinyl) - more info